Wayfinding Scheme of the Year




Wayfinding Scheme of the Year 2018 – Placemarque

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(Note:  Award is run is association with the Sign Design Society and judged by a panel convened by SDS)

The fundamental purpose of a wayfinding scheme is to help people navigate to and through a place. It’s about ensuring the information is placed where it’s needed and can be easily interpreted by people on the move.  Increasingly clients are also looking for a design that is distinctive, reflects the character of the brand and/or fits the architectural style of the building.

Entries should not previously have been entered for a British Sign Award.

Entries may be submitted by designers and/or sign companies. Joint entries (from designers/sign makers) are acceptable.  If it felt to be appropriate it is within the remit of the judging panel to make two awards in this category –  for Wayfinding Scheme Design and for Wayfinding Signage Construction and Implementation.

  • Provide a brief, bullet-point description of the project – outlining the aims of the scheme and how these were met.
  • Detail any particular challenges you had to overcome.
  • Describe the types of signage used (include static signs and any electronic/digital signs) and the quantity installed.
  • Please state your level of involvement in the project (eg – planning, design, manufacture, installation)
  • Provide visual images of your project (up to 6  high quality images, each at 1 – 2 MB)
  • Entries must meet British and European standards where applicable (see entry form)

Judging criteria

  • Innovative design that fulfils its primary wayfinding fuction and expresses the character of the brand or delivers added interest.
  • Construction and implementation of the scheme may also be considered.
  • Solutions that demonstrate a true consideration of the user and/or client objectives.
  • Compliance with accepted good practice in sign design.