The Craftsman Award




Winner of the 2018 Craftsman Award – Sign of the Times

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This award is designed to recognise traditional sign making skills. Entries can be complete signs created using traditional methods or can be signs produced using modern techniques but which include a hand-crafted element.

Entries should not previously have been entered for a British Sign Award

  • Entries should incorporate elements created using at least one craft skill, (e.g etching, engraving, sign-writing, hand-painting, carving, gilding, sand-blasting etc)
  • Provide a brief, bullet-point description of your project(s) and the craft skills employed.
  • Please state the scope of the services you provided (design, production, installation etc).
  • Provide a brief background to your business and your craft skills (not obligatory)
  • Provide visual images of your project(s)(up to 6  high quality images, each at 1 – 2 MB)


Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for projects that demonstrate the application of traditional skills to help create effective signage for the modern era..  Artistry and visual impact are of paramount importance.