Roll-out Programme of the Year




Roll-out Programme of the Year 2018 – Astley Signs

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The award is for the implementation of a single, consistent signage scheme across multiple sites/buildings. 

Entries should not previously have been entered for a British Sign Award

  • Provide a brief, bullet point description of the scheme and its scope
  • Detail the number of sites/buildings involved and geographic area covered
  • Describe the type and number of signs involved
  • Provide timescales for design and manufacture and implementation of the scheme
  • Scope of your involvement (design, manufacture and installation)
  • Detail any special materials used and any particular challenges you faced.
  • Provide visual images of the project (up to 6 high quality images, each at 1 – 2 MB)
  • If possible, include a short testimonial from your client
  • Entries must meet British and European standards where applicable(see entry form)

Judging criteria

The consistency, degree of difficulty, scope of the project and any innovative features will be considered by the judging panel together with the overall visual impact and effectiveness of the scheme.