Get the best from your images


Advice for your submission


The Sign Award judges are not able to visit entries to see signs in situ.  Therefore, the images you submit will play a key role in helping the judges decide your success or otherwise.  If you are successful and are shortlisted for an award, your images will be used as part of the awards presentation and in all the subsequent publicity materials.

Signs are designed, primarily, to make a visual impact and the images submitted with your entry need to illustrate how successfully you have met your brief.  You need them to help you tell your story.

  • You can submit up to six images with each entry and the advice is to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. In these days of phone cameras, everybody is a photographer, but ‘happy snaps’ taken on a phone are unlikely to impress the judges.
  • If budget permits, use a professional photographer. Where this is not possible, take some time and carefully frame your images.  Takes lots of photographs and then select the best for submission.
  • The images you send should be in focus and well framed. Try to show the sign(s) or sign projects from various angles and vantage points.  Show them from a distance and in close-up.
  • Where signs are located high up on a building, give the judges the opportunity to view the whole building with the sign in situ. Then zoom-in to show detail.
  • If you entering for a category such as the Construction Award, you should submit images that show the completed project together with detail images that illustrate your manufacturing / engineering / construction /installation skills.
  • If you are entering for a vehicle graphics award, provides images that show the completed vehicle from several angles together with close-up images illustrating the skills used in production and/or application of the graphic or wrap.
  • If you are entering for the Illuminated Sign Award, the judges will need to see the sign with the illumination functioning.  Again, your images should include distant and close-up shots.

Each image submitted should be of reasonable resolution – 1 – 2 MB.  Any image less than 1MB will probably be unsuitable for use in the awards presentation and may affect your chances of being selected.


Video submissions are accepted and may be helpful to the judges.  However, if you submit a video, you must also submit still photographs of the sign/project for use in the awards presentation  and subsequent materials.