Architectural Sign of the Year




2018 Architectural Sign of the Year – Blaze Signs

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This category is for major signs designed and produced to make a statement. 

Entries should be structural signs – either stand-alone or fixed to a building – that are designed to create a major impression on all who see them.

Entries should not previously have been entered for a British Sign Award

  • Provide a brief bullet-point description of the sign, including a short synopsis of the client brief
  • Describe the materials used in construction, reasons for selection and any particular engineering challenges faced.
  • Provide visual images of your project (up to 6  high quality images, each at 1 – 2 MB)
  • Entries must meet British and European standards where applicable(see entry form)

Judging criteria

The main criteria is the visual impact the sign makes, but the judges will also consider choice of materials, suitability to the environment in which it stands and the quality of engineering and manufacture.